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My name is Aelphaba Sweetbriar, I'm 25 years old, and use they/them pronouns

I enjoy old tech, video games, and music. I'm an artist, and zinester and I dabble in everything, really.

This site functions as a place for me to put a lot of my creative energy towards, as well as a place where I can share my thoughts, feelings, and stories without worrying about the confinds of traditional social media.

I love scrapbooking I love Gardening Trans Rights!
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♡ Updates ♡

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♡ Wow! this site is about a year old now, and y'all have been so supportive of it, I'm so grateful. To be honest, I don't know where the direction of this is going, but I do plan on adding more stuff (and maybe doing a whole site rework?) I don't know yet, but I guess that's the fun of it :)
♡ New zine is up, Directionless. I've been having a lot of trouble with art block lately, and this was an attempt to get those feelings out.
♡ My blog is going to be updated more, so feel free to check that out - I have a few things planned that are in the works.

♡ Oh man, it's been a busy few months! A couple of little quality of life updates today, mostly to make the site easier to use in the long run.
♡ New recipes are up, check out Potions for drink inspiration.
♡ Also up is a little thing I wrote during the beginning of Covid back in March of 2020, The Importance of __ In Strange Times, AKA: Contemplation I'm not quite sure where this one is going, and I'm not quite sure if it's even finished yet. I'm playing it by ear C:
♡ In other news, I have recieved a recipe box containing several generations worth of family recipes, so look out for news about that, because I have a new project in mind.

♡ More big updates today! For starters, there's now a Site Map for ease of navigation, it works with all internal pages on here, so external ones won't be listed.
♡ A few new pages are live, specifically in The Garden, so check those out when you can! There will be more added over time, this is just the beginning.

♡ Quite a few updates today, most notably The Garden replacing Self Love Manifesto. Have no fear, the Self Love Manifesto is still there. I've decided to turn The Garden into more of a conceptual space rather than the Materia Medica I had planned. Stay tuned for more updates to this section, as this gives me WAY more space - I also have a new section planned, which you will see a preview of!
♡ Added a bunch of links to mutuals and others' lovely websites you should check out!

♡ Bunch of smaller updates, mostly aesthetic, such as font changes, and shifting things around a bit.
♡ Updated the Recipe Book to be more consistent, and to allow for easier organizing (also, new recipe! Chicken Soup)
♡ New entry in the Self Love Manifesto

♡ New pages! Check out Fun Stuff to find fun links around the web, and Dragon Hoard to find my colleciton of blinkies and stamps.
♡ Redid my Links page to be more consistent

♡ Bunch of new pages today! I've added a page dedicated to music in the scrapbook section, as well as a few entries in Grimoire. Hope you enjoy c:
♡ I've hit 26 followers here, and that's incredible! I'm so thankful for all the kind comments and notes, I'm glad you like my site, and I'm grateful to be part of such an awesome and inspiring thing. The Indie web rocks

♡ I'm now part of the Yesterweb webring! The yesterweb is super funky and I'm so excited to be a part of such a cool community. You can visit the Yesterweb here. They've got all sorts of resources for learning html, making a website of your own, and so much more.

♡ Some minor adjustments today, I finally figured out how to get opacity working without affecting the text.
♡ New icons and layout for the Scrapbook! I hope you like them :) (Also they're screen-reader friendly)
♡ New section in progress, The Garden. I'll be plant posting in there, mostly for my own reference because I love flowers and plants very much. I hope you enjoy!

♡ My Shrine to the Morrigan is finally up! Feel free to check it out here
♡ More blog updates, lmao...I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do this, right now I'm testing out an RSS feed linked to a new Dreamwidth account. Lets see how this works - I have good hopes ngl.
♡ I'm a Neocities supporter now! Finally took the dive, considering I plan on using this a LOT it makes sense that I'd need the space - I'm thinking moreso in the future when I've got plenty of zines and stuff up.

♡ The first of my shrines is now live! It's dedicated to Stevie Nicks, and you can view it here

♡ My first recipe has been posted! Earl Gray Butter Cookies with Blueberry Buttercream Frosting. I came up with this recipe myself after being inspired by a tumblr recipe for Norwegian Butter Cookies. If you try them, let me know how they taste!
♡ I said this on the activity page, but I'm putting it here for posterity, I've moved my blog to gemspace! When you click the link it will take you to an http:// proxy service so if you can't access gemini:// you can still read my blog c:
♡ Added a status update bar, and moved guestbook link to my footer, should be easier now, and I can do more frequent updates!

Work In Progress
♡ Going to be taking some time and updating the About section to include information on our system, as well as it's members. Debating if I want to out myself as a fictional character or not, but it's already there, its just a matter of Who I Am. Because Aelphaba is just a pseudonym.

♡ Mini site overhaul today, including a new section dedicated to Witchcraft.
♡ Holy wow CSS grids can be super annoying to code, but I've fixed a major issue with my code and it's working a LOT better now.

♡ I am now part of a Zinester Webring, run by Metaparadox so that's pretty funky! To be honest, I didn't know what a webring was until today but it's a super cool concept and I'm excited to be part of one
♡ I also have a guestbook now, so feel free to leave a message if you like my page :3

♡ Started adding entries to the Self Love Manifesto.
♡ Blog entries are now active, still working on populating other pages, but one day at a time
♡ My first Zine is live! You can read it here! a great many thanks goes to AlienMelon as well as Jeremy Oduber for creating the software I used to make this zine, as well as the coding to host it. Check out the Electric Zine Maker if you wanna fuck around with the software yourself. It's a lot of fun, and I might actually end up using it to make most of my zines from now on

♡ Finished the core of the webpage, for the most part.
♡ still working on implementing Zine reader, but that's likely gonna take a bit to do.
♡ Really liking html & css so far, I've been working on this webpage for about 3 days now, and I'm really proud of how it looks so far!
♡ Need to actually start filling everything out though, lmao...I've been super focused on getting the main code down.

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Project Docket for March 2022
♡ Crocheted socks
♡ Froggie bag pattern
♡ Earl Grey Butter Cookies
♡ Zine: Kitchen Witch Revolution


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